Contractor’s Devotion: The Drill

Contractor's Devotion

“The Divine Drill: Precision in God’s Plan”

Scripture: Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) – “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Contractor’s Devotion: A drill is a tool known for its precision and ability to create openings for necessary fixtures. In the process of repairing and maintaining a church, a drill plays a crucial role, ensuring that new elements fasten and fit perfectly into place. Similarly, Inspired Heights, a company dedicated to church preservation, serves as a reminder of God’s precision in His divine plan for our lives.

  1. The Master’s Plan: Just as a drill is guided by the hand of a skilled craftsman, our lives are guided by the hand of the Master Builder. God’s plans for us are detailed and precise, intended to bring us hope and a future. Lesson: Trust in God’s precision in shaping your life.
  2. Creating Openings for Blessings: A drill creates openings to accommodate new fixtures. Similarly, God opens doors and creates opportunities for blessings and growth in our lives. Lesson: Be open to God’s opportunities and blessings.
  3. Removing Obstacles: Sometimes, a drill is used to remove obstacles and create a clear path. God, too, removes obstacles from our lives, making a way for His plans to prosper us. Lesson: Allow God to remove obstacles and create a clear path in your life.
  4. Fastening together: A drill is often used as a fastening tool in the use of screws and rivets. God’s desire is for people to be united; as seen in marriage – the two become one (Genesis 2:24) and how the Church should be one in Christ (John 17:21). Lesson: Value the people God has joined you with.
  5. Perfect Fit: A drill ensures that the openings it creates are a perfect fit for what is intended. Likewise, God’s plans for us are custom-tailored to our unique purposes and callings. Lesson: Embrace the uniqueness of God’s plan for your life.
  6. Precision in Design: The design of a drill bit is crucial for it’s purpose and the materials being drilled. God’s design for our lives is perfect, and every aspect of His plan has a purpose. Lesson: Recognize that every detail in God’s plan serves a purpose.
  7. Hope and a Future: God’s plans for us are filled with hope and promise. Just as a drill works toward a purpose, God’s plan works for our good. Lesson: Rest in the hope of God’s plan for your future.

As you consider the significance of using a drill in the repair of a church and the dedication of Inspired Heights, remember that God is the Master Planner of your life. Trust in His precision, knowing that He is joining us together and creating openings and opportunities specifically designed for your growth and blessing. Embrace every aspect of His plan, and find hope in the future He has prepared for you, for His plans are always for your good.

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