Contractor’s Devotion: Steeplejack’s Bosun Chair

Steeplejacks replacing roof on church steeple

Scripture: Psalm 18:32 (NIV) – “It is God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure.”

Contractor’s Devotion: Using a bosun chair to ascend a church steeple is no ordinary task. It requires courage, trust, and skill. The third generation steeplejack company, Inspired Heights, known for its expertise in preserving and maintaining church steeples, serves as a reminder that even in challenging and elevated circumstances, we can find profound spiritual lessons.

  1. A Higher Perspective: When we climb high, our perspective changes. From the heights of a church steeple, we can see far and wide. Similarly, drawing near to God gives us a higher perspective on life’s challenges, helping us see beyond our immediate circumstances.
  2. God’s Strength in Heights: In the midst of uncertainty, we can find strength and security in God. Just as a bosun chair secures workers high above, God arms us with the strength to face life’s challenges, keeping our way secure.
  3. Trusting the Equipment: Using a bosun chair requires trust in the equipment. Likewise, our faith in God is a trust in His guidance and provision. We can rely on Him to sustain us in all situations.
  4. A Renewed Purpose: As a church steeple is maintained and repaired, it serves its purpose more effectively. Similarly, as we draw near to God in faith, we are renewed and better equipped to fulfill our God-given purpose.
  5. The Journey Upward: Climbing higher requires effort, step by step. Our spiritual journey is similar. Each step of faith, though challenging, brings us closer to God’s presence.
  6. A Steady Hand: Just as workers need a steady hand in a bosun chair, we need God’s guidance to navigate the ups and downs of life. He is our constant, unwavering support.

As you think about a bosun chair on a church steeple, remember that your own spiritual journey can sometimes feel like ascending to great heights. In those moments, trust that God arms you with strength and secures your way. He is your steady hand, your guide, and your protector.

May you find courage and trust in God as you navigate life’s heights. Just as Inspired Heights ensures the preservation of church steeples, God is preserving you and using each ascent to mold you into His likeness and fulfill His divine purpose in your life.

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