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Inspired Heights - Church and Steeple Contractors

Following the traditions and craftsmanship of our forefathers Inspired Heights is dedicated to the preservation of churches and their steeples.

Church Steeple Contractor

Our team of skilled steeplejacks, craftsmen, and restoration specialists possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in church steeple restoration.

Interior Church Renovations

We specialize in providing professional interior church renovations tailored specifically for churches, including plasterwork, painting, lighting, furnishings, and more.

Exterior Church Repairs

Offering a range of Exterior Church Repairs and Restoration services including roofing, painting, tuck pointing, window restoration, and more.

"Inspired Heights exists for the sole purpose to bring glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through the maintenance, repair and restoration of His Church."

Inspired Heights mission statement

Restoring churches for the glory of God!

What We Do?

Tony Stratton, a 3rd generation steeplejack, began his company in 1993 specializing in maintaining and repairing church steeples. Since then the company has grown to become Inspired Heights – a leader in church and steeple restoration.

Here are some of the services we now provide:

Church painters and exteriors - painting, roofs, windows, masonry

Church Painters

Exterior church painting and restoration is often hindered by soaring heights and steep pitches. This is further complicated by lead paints and years of built up coatings. Inspired Heights are experienced high workers who know historic paints and coatings

Inspired Heights services for church steeple repairs - new construction, painting, roofing

Church Steeple Repairs

As a steeplejack contractor our trained professionals are able to repair, rebuild and restore what may be inaccessible to most other tradesmen for a fraction of the cost typically associated with high work.

Inspired Heights church roofing contractor - new installation and repairs of asphalt, wood, tile, metal and slate roofs.

Church Roofing Contractor

Church roofs can vary immensely from one church to another, but they are much more than aesthetics. A properly installed roof can protect your church for decades, even centuries. Inspired Heights are your church roofing contractor.

Inspired Heights church window repairs - painting, repairs, stained glass and storm windows

Church Window Repairs

Our artisans and craftsmen can maintain and restore your church windows through church window repairs, painting , glazing, glass and stained glass repair and replacement and low visibility storm window systems.

Inspired Heights sanctuary renovations - plaster, painting, iconic art, furnishings

Sanctuary Renovations

The church sanctuary or nave is a place of awe. This may be accomplished through a high ceilings, gold leafing, murals and religious icons. These artistic expressions of faith require the specialized care offered by Inspired Heights.

Inspired Heights church masonry contractor - stucco, tuck pointing, stone restoration

Church Masonry Contractor

Church masonry contractor & stone restoration. Church, tower and steeple tuck pointing, historic stucco, brick and masonry repairs and replacement.

repairing a leaking steeple

Leaking Steeple

The steeple is prone to leaks. The constant exposure to the elements takes it’s toll as seams fail, pieces come loose and sealants age. However, the steeplejacks of Inspired Heights are skilled in finding and repairing those stubborn steeple leaks.

Structural steeple repairs

Structural Steeple Repairs

Structural problems may go undetected within a steeple for years and when they’re finally discovered they’re often considered unrepairable. However, we’re experienced in repairing steeple structures in place, saving the steeple and saving the church thousands.

fiberglass steeple repair

Fiberglass Steeple Repair

Fiberglass steeples can be attractive, inexpensive steeples for the church but still need to be maintained. Continuous exposure to sun and rain can have serious repercussions. Over time the clear coat breaks down and the now porous surface can become dingy, develop leaks and even experience vegetative growth

steeplejack services

Steeplejack Services

Tony Stratton is a 3rd generation steeplejack and president of Inspired Heights, Inc – a steeplejack company that specializes in the high work associated with churches and church steeples. As steeplejacks we offer affordable, less intrusive, solutions for your church’s restoration projects.

Steeple Masonry and Tuckpointing

Steeple Masonry and Tuckpointing

Our steeplejacks are able to perform your church’s tuck pointing, masonry repair, stone restoration and stucco repair without the cost associated with modern approaches. Giving a safe and affordable alternative in your church’s steeple masonry repair.

steeple roofing contractor installing a wood shingle roof

Steeple Roofing Contractor

The steeple roof is unlike others and can often perplex the would be contractor. Its daunting heights and steep incline makes it inaccessible to most roofers while the numerous angles challenge traditional methods. The steeplejacks of Inspired Heights are steeple roofers.

Our Projects

Inspired Heights has been maintaining, repairing and restoring churches and church steeples since 1993. Here are just a few of our projects.

steeple roofing New York project

Steeple Roofing Project – Lake Placid, NY

For this steeple roofing project our steeplejacks removed the old wood shakes and installed new deck and synthetic woof shakes

View Detail

Steeple Roofing Project – Lake Placid, NY

Steeple builders rebuild church steeple destroyed by tornado

Steeple Builders – Easton, MN

Our steeple builders completely rebuilt Our Lady of Mt Carmel’s church steeple that was destroyed by a storm

View Detail

Steeple Builders – Easton, MN

Church Painters: Steeple, tower, and gutter painting - clockface repair

Church Painters – Good Thunder, Minnesota

We’re church painters. painting contractors, this project included the steeple (spire, clock, louvers) and the gutter system

View Detail

Church Painters – Good Thunder, Minnesota

You are known by the company you keep.

Where We Serve

We are a nationwide church and steeple restoration contractor. Incorporated in Illinois we have since moved to Mississippi but we continue to work in all 50 states.

735 E Powell St, Yazoo City, MS 39194

(815) 227-9281

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