Contractor’s Devotion – A broom

Contractor's Devotion - A Broom

Scripture: “He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” – Micah 6:8 (NIV)

Contractor’s Devotion: On the bustling construction sites of the churches we serve, one might easily overlook the importance of cleanliness amidst the clamor of building and creating. Yet, within the ethos of construction, there exists a profound truth: the mark of a true professional lies not only in the construction itself but also in the meticulous cleanliness left behind. In this, we find a powerful parallel to the essence of humility in our service and our sanctification in Christ.

Just as the broom quietly attends to the task of sweeping away debris, the heart of a servant seeks to humbly serve, often without recognition or applause. We are reminded that true humility is not found in seeking the spotlight but in the selfless dedication to meeting the needs of others, even in the most unnoticed and seemingly insignificant tasks.

However, in the construction world, the importance of leaving a site immaculately clean demonstrates a commitment to excellence and professionalism. The contrast between an amateur and a professional is often starkly visible in how meticulously they attend to the tidiness of their workspace. Similarly, in our spiritual journey, the mark of our maturity in Christ is reflected in our willingness to allow God to cleanse and perfect us, leaving no area of our lives untouched by His transformative grace.

In serving others with humility, we are called to emulate Christ, who humbly served and washed the feet of His disciples, setting an example for us to follow. Moreover, we are reminded that just as the construction site is meticulously cleaned to reflect professionalism, we, too, must allow God’s sanctifying work to cleanse us thoroughly, leaving no corner of our hearts untouched by His grace.

The call to humility in service is also an invitation to surrender ourselves entirely to the sanctifying work of God. As we allow Him to refine us, removing the debris of sin and selfishness, we become vessels fit for His purpose, shining as reflections of His grace and love in a world that often longs for genuine humility and authenticity.

May we, therefore, approach our service and sanctification with the humility exemplified by the broom on the construction site. Let us serve others selflessly, without seeking recognition, and allow God to work within us, purifying our hearts and minds, so that we may reflect His glory and grace to a world in need of His transformative love.

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