Contractor’s Devotion: Lightning Protection

Contractor's Devotion - Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection on a Church Steeple: A Shield in the Storm

Scripture: Psalm 46:1 (NIV) – “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”

Contractor’s Devotion:

The addition of lightning protection to a church steeple is more than a safety measure; it serves as a powerful symbol of God’s protection and care for His people. Inspired Heights, a company dedicated to preserving and enhancing churches, reminds us of the importance of seeking refuge in God, especially during life’s storms.

The Power of Lightning: Lightning is a natural force of great power and intensity. In life, we often face storms and challenges that feel equally powerful and overwhelming.

Lesson: Turn to God as your refuge when life’s storms threaten to overwhelm you.

A Shield in the Storm: Lightning protection systems on church steeples provide a shield, redirecting the energy of lightning away from the building. Similarly, God is our shield and refuge in times of trouble, redirecting the storms that threaten to harm us.

Lesson: Trust God to be your shield and protector in every situation.

An Ever-Present Help: Lightning protection is always in place, ready to act when needed. Likewise, God is an ever-present help in our times of trouble, offering His strength and guidance.

Lesson: Rely on God’s constant presence and help in all circumstances.

Preserving God’s House: Lightning protection not only safeguards lives but also preserves the church building. In our lives, God’s protection preserves us, allowing us to fulfill His purposes.

Lesson: God’s protection ensures your life’s purpose is fulfilled.

Trusting the Divine Plan: The installation of lightning protection requires trust in the design and expertise of the installer. Similarly, we must trust in God’s divine plan for our lives, even when we can’t see the full picture.

Lesson: Have faith in God’s perfect plan, even in the midst of uncertainty.

A Symbol of Faith: Lightning protection on a church steeple is a tangible symbol of faith and trust in God’s provision. Our faith in God, our ultimate protector, should likewise be evident in our lives.

Lesson: Let your faith shine as a testimony to God’s protection.

As you consider the significance of lightning protection on a church steeple and the dedication of Inspired Heights, remember that God is your ultimate protection and refuge. Just as the lightning protection system is always in place, ready to act when needed, so too is God always present, ready to shield and guide you through life’s storms. In times of trouble, trust in His strength and wisdom, and let your faith in Him shine as a testimony to His protection and care.

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