Contractor’s Devotion: The Sawzall

Contractor's Devotion - the Sawzall

The Sawzall of Redemption: God’s Transforming Grace

Scripture: Ezekiel 36:26 (NIV) – “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.”

Contractor’s Devotion: A Sawzall is a powerful and versatile tool, capable of cutting through the toughest materials. It is a tool that is often used in the process of repairing and preserving a church. However, a Sawzall can also serve as a symbol of God’s transformative grace, much like the work of Inspired Heights dedicated to church preservation. This tool reminds us of God’s ability to cut away the old and replace it with the new in our lives.

  1. The Power to Cut Away: Just as a Sawzall can cut through the toughest materials, God’s grace has the power to cut away the hardness of our hearts and the burdens of sin. Lesson: Trust in God’s grace to remove what hinders your relationship with Him.
  2. Removing the Old: A Sawzall effectively removes old and worn-out parts, making space for renewal. God removes our old ways and habits, creating space for His transformative work. Lesson: Allow God to remove the old in your life to make way for the new.
  3. Precision in Transformation: Just as a Sawzall requires precision in cutting, God’s transformation in our lives is precise and purposeful. Lesson: Trust in God’s precise transformation in your life.
  4. Replacing with the New: A Sawzall doesn’t just cut; it also prepares for the new. God removes the old and replaces it with a new heart and spirit. Lesson: Embrace the newness that God’s grace brings into your life.
  5. From Hardness to Softness: A Sawzall can cut through hard materials, symbolizing the transformation of our hardened hearts into hearts of flesh through God’s grace. Lesson: Allow God’s grace to soften your heart and make it receptive to His love.

As you consider the significance of using a Sawzall in the repair of a church and the dedication of Inspired Heights, remember that God is the ultimate Transformer of your life. Trust in His grace to cut away the old, create space for renewal, and replace it with the newness of His love and purpose. Embrace the transformation that God’s grace brings, allowing it to make you a vessel for His glory and a testimony of His redeeming power.

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