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Various interior and exterior church and steeple maintenance, repair and restoration projects from around the country

Steeple Painting Project

Steeple Painting Project – Alexandria, VA

For this steeple painting project our steeplejack painters sanded, wire brushed, primed and gave 2 coats of finish paint to give this steeple a fresh look.

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steeple roofing New York project

Steeple Roofing Project – Lake Placid, NY

For this steeple roofing project our steeplejacks removed the old wood shakes and installed new deck and synthetic woof shakes

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Steeple builders rebuild church steeple destroyed by tornado

Steeple Builders – Easton, MN

Our steeple builders completely rebuilt Our Lady of Mt Carmel’s church steeple that was destroyed by a storm

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Church Painters: Steeple, tower, and gutter painting - clockface repair

Church Painters – Good Thunder, Minnesota

We’re church painters. painting contractors, this project included the steeple (spire, clock, louvers) and the gutter system

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Painted and repaired church steeple

Steeple Painting Contractor – Franklin, NC

For this project our steeplejack painters performed minor repairs and painted the First Baptist Church steeple

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Projects included stucco repairs and painting church and steeple

Painting Stucco Church – Charleston, SC

Projects included slate replacement, stucco repairs and the painting of this historic St John Lutheran church and steeple

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Steeplejack project involving slate roof, tuck pointing and painting of church's steeple

Slate Steeple Roofers – Buffalo, NY

Steeplejack project included new louvers, structural repairs, decking, tuck-pointing, copper gutter system and installing a new slate roof

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Steeplejack project involving copper spire, painting steeple and performing stone restoration

Steeple Restoration Project – Houston, TX

This steeplejack project involved new copper panels on the spire, performing stone restoration and painting the church steeple

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Steeplejacks installing faux slate shingles on church steeple

Slate Steeplejack Roofers – Chicago, IL

Steeplejacks installed faux slate shingles on the steeple, plus painted the louvers and made copper repairs for this downtown Chicago Church

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Projects include patching roof, repairs and painting steeple

Steeple Repairs – Davenport, IA

Using our steeplejacks this steeple project include patching the steeple roof, painting and miscellaneous steeple repairs

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Steeplejack performing tuck pointing and stone restoration on church bell tower

Tuck Point, Stone Restoration – Wheaton, IL

Our church masons and Steeplejacks performed tuck pointing and stone restoration throughout the church and on it’s bell tower

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Projects included roofing, wood siding, painting and repairs to church steeple

Church Steeple Contractor – Itasca, IL

Projects included the roofing, wood siding, painting and repairs to the Itasca Baptist Church and their steeple

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Steeplejack roofer installing a new roof on 2 church steeples

Steeple Roofing Contractor – Madison, SD

For this project our steeplejack roofers installed a new architectural shingled roof on the Trinity Lutheran church steeples

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Projects included painting steeple and minor repairs and tuckpointing

Church Steeple Painter – Elmhurst, IL

Projects included painting the Hammerschmidt chapel steeple, minor repairs and tuckpointing at the Elmhurst College

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Project included the painting and repairs to church steeple

Painting Church Steeple – Westchester, IL

Our steeplejacks painted and performed minor repairs on this steeple project for Westchester Community Church

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Project was installation of a new rubber membrane roof

Rubber Membrane Roof – Atlanta, GA

For this church roof project we repaired and replaced the roof deck and installed a new rubber membrane roof

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Project included the structural repair and the saving of the church steeple

Structural Repairs to Steeple – Pillow, PA

This steeple project saved it from certain collapse. Repairing the structural damage caused by years of neglect

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Project included slate replacement on steeple

Patch Slate Steeple Roof – Hampshire, IL

Our steeplejacks patched and replaced the missing and damaged slate from the St Charles Borromeo Catholic Church steeple

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Applied metallic copper finish to steeple

Metallic Copper Finish – Rochester, MN

On this steeple project our steeplejacks applied a lasting metallic copper finish to the Word of Life COGIC steeple in Rochester, MN

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Minor tuck pointing and repairs to stop leaks

Stop Tower Leaks – Whiting, IN

On this church bell tower we performed minor tuck pointing, flashing and roof repairs to stop the water leaks

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Project was to fabricate and install a custom copper steeple

Custom Copper Steeple – Tulsa, OK

On this copper steeple project we installed a new deck then fabricated and installed new customized copper panels and vents

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Our steeplejacks installing a faux slate roof on a steeple

Imitation Slate Steeple Roof – Addison, IL

Our steeplejacks installed a new deck, imitation slate tiles and fabricated and installed prefinished metal ridge caps on this church steeple project

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Using epoxy fortifiers we restored and painted these church windows

Church Window Restoration – Newark, NJ

On this church window restoration project we used epoxy fortifiers and fillers to restore the window frames and before painting them

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Project included replacing deck and installing a new church roof

Church Roof Replacement – Beltsville, MD

This church roof project started by repairing and replacing the deck and then finished by installing new lifetime architectural shingles

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Steeplejacks installing copper shingles to church steeple

Copper Shingled Steeple – Shelbyville, IN

This steeple project had our steeplejacks install new copper shingles to the First Presbyterian Church’s metal steeple roof

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steeplejacks installing new copper and restored cross to steeple

Replacing Copper on Steeple – Dekalb, IL

This steeple project included restoring the cross, replacing the copper on the spire and the painting of the belfry

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Project included painting and repairing church windows

Church Window Repairs – Chicago, IL

This church window project included the painting and repair to the church’s windows and installation of a storm window system

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Chimney repair on church

Stone Chimney Repair – Rockford, IL

Part of our church masonry and stone restoration services include chimney repairs as seen in this stone veneer project

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Project included plaster repair and painting of sanctuary

Painting Sanctuary – Sharon, PA

Our experience painters performed historic plaster repairs and painting for the First Presbyterian Church sanctuary

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We patched and repaired church steeple

Paint and Repair Steeple – Albia, IA

For St Patrick’s Catholic church project our steeplejacks painted and performed minor repairs for their church steeple.

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Project was to paint and repair steeple

Painting Small Steeple – Bowie, MD

We specialize in painting church steeples of all sizes giving the same expert care to every project. For this steeple we made basic repairs and painted the steeple

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Project was re-roofing church steeple

New Steeple Roof – Carrollton, MO

Steeple Roofing Contractor. Our trained steeplejacks re-roofed this church steeple for St Mary’s Catholic Church in Carrollton, MO

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Project included painting and repairing fiberglass steeple

Fiberglass Steeple Repair – Waco, TX

Steeple maintenance project included painting and repairing fiberglass steeple for Carter’s Temple Church of God in Waco, TX

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Project included painting hotel roof, steeple and stucco

Commercial Painters – Ft Myers, FL

Our steeplejacks painted this resort’s stucco walls, metal roof and their steeple on this commercial painting project.

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Steeple project included installing faux slate roof and gold finish for crosses

Faux Slate Steeple – Independence, MO

Steeple project included installing faux slate roof, finished metal ridge caps and a special gold finish for crosses

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Project included painting church steeples, portico and balustrade

Church and Steeple Painters – Madison, WI

Project included a lead safe restoration that included the painting of the church steeples, portico and balustrade

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Steeplejacks painting church steeple

Steeplejacks Painting – Glenn Ellyn, IL

This project involved using steeplejack techniques to paint the church steeple and clock face of St Petronille Catholic Church

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Painted prefabbed metal steeple

Painted Prefab Metal Steeple – Wayne NJ

Project included the basic maintenance and painting of Our Lady of Consolation’s prefabricated metal church steeple

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Patched roof and painted and repaired fiberglass steeple

Fiberglass Steeple Repair – Poca, WV

We patched the roof and painted and repaired the fiberglass church steeple. Project also included finding and repairing leaks

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Installed new slate, copper and gold leafed cross on steeple

New Slate Steeple – Peoria, IL

Installed new slate, copper and gold leafed cross on steeple

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Steeplejacks repairing copper steeple

Repair Copper Steeple – Charleston, SC

Steeplejacks patching and repairing the 257 foot copper steeple on the historic St Mathew Lutheran Church in Charleston

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Tuck pointed and repaired flashing

Tuck Pointing Steeple – St Louis, MO

Steeplejacks tuck pointing and repairing flashing and metal spire on the St Paul’s Lutheran Church steeple

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new copper installed on church spire

Copper Steeple – Norfolk, NE

Using steeplejack methods we installed new copper "skin" on the...

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Steeple roofing, painting and repairs

Steeple Repairs – Funk, NE

Using steeplejack techniques we repaired and secured loose metal pieces,...

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Steeplejacks painting and repairing church steeple

Painting Steeple – Woodbridge, VA

Using steeplejack techniques we painted and repaired the St Margaret’s Episcopal Church in Woodbridge, VA.

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Sanctuary restoration involving plaster and painting

Church Restoration – Mascoutah, IL

Interior and exterior church and steeple restoration. Stonework, tuck pointing. Window repairs. Plaster and painting of Bethel Lutheran

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Steeple repairs including slate roof, rebuilt dormers, painting and masonry

Slate Steeple Repairs – Tampa, FL

Steeple and church repairs included slate replacement, rebuilding dormers, tuck...

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Steeplejacks replacing roof on church steeple

Steeple Roof Replacement – Chicago, IL

Using our steeplejack methods we replaced the old asphalt shingles on a church steeple with decorative designer shingles

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Structural and finial repairs. New wood shingle roof. Painting and stucco repairs

Steeple Roof and Repairs – Augusta, GA

Using steeplejack techniques on this historic church. Structural and finial repairs. New wood shingle roof. Painting and stucco repairs

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steeplejacks installing lead coated copper spire

Lead Coated Copper Steeple – Amarillo, TX

Steeplejacks replacing the lead coated copper on two steeples at Westminster Presbyterian Church

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Painting and repairing church steeple

Steeple Painting & Repair – Forest Park, GA

Steeplejacks replaced metal on spire, glazed windows, repaired hail damage and painted the First Baptist Church steeple

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