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Introducing Inspired Heights

Introducing Inspired Heights

I am Tony Stratton, the President of Inspired Heights, and I proudly represent a legacy that spans three generations of steeplejacks. Our company is deeply rooted in the time-honored traditions and craftsmanship passed down through our family.

At Inspired Heights, we have made it our mission to preserve the cherished sanctuaries and iconic steeples of churches across the nation. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to honoring God in the service of these sacred structures has made us a respected leader in the field of church and steeple restoration.

What We Do

What We Do

At Inspired Heights, our diverse team of skilled craftsmen and artisans excels in both interior and exterior church renovations and repairs. What sets us apart is our trained team of steeplejacks who offer a cost-effective and minimally intrusive solution to the often challenging high-altitude work required for church repairs.

Our specialized steeplejack training empowers our workforce to access areas that may be out of reach for most other tradesmen. This unique skillset enables us to deliver a precise, thorough, up-close and hands-on church repair that cannot be matched.

With Inspired Heights, you can trust in a team that combines artistry, craftsmanship, and specialized expertise to ensure your church's interior and exterior renovations are executed with excellence, preserving the beauty of these sacred spaces.

Our History and Our Future

Our History may have begun with the early steeplejacks but we're paving the way to the future in church restoration

As a third generation steeplejack, Tony Stratton learned to combine the best of old fashioned craftsmanship with current technical advances. Of the various types of construction Tony experienced as a steeplejack he most enjoyed churches. The history, architecture, and artistic detail always fascinated Tony while giving him the opportunity to serve the church he loves.

For this reason in 1993 Tony started his own steeplejack company that would specialize in the restoration and preservation of churches. Over the years Tony continued to expand through continual training and building of a diversified team. Originally called Tony Stratton-Steeplejack this company has grown to become Inspired Heights, Inc. a leader in church restoration.

Our History and Our Future
Completed Projects 360
Steeple Repairs 300
Oldest Church 1697
Tallest Steeple 300

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Our Mission

Inspired Heights exists for the sole purpose to bring glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through the maintenance, repair and restoration of His church.

We strive to do this not only through the work we perform on churches but in our mentorship program, charitable giving and the way we conduct business.

"...whatever you do, do all to the glory of God."

Inspired Heights Ministries

Inspired Heights, Inc is also the primary benefactor for Inspired Heights Ministries. A church and restoration home located in Yazoo City, MS.

In 2021 we purchased a church, school and nunnery in the poorest county of the poorest state to make a difference through the Gospel of Jesus. As a new church plant we are reaching the lost and the hurting. Our restoration home houses and feeds men, women and mothers with children who are needing a fresh start and the school will be used to provide occupational and life skills training to those who are oppressed and in bondage to sinful habits.