Contractor’s Devotion: Faith of a Steeplejack


Reaching New Heights with the Faith of a Steeplejack

Scripture: Psalm 18:33 (NIV) – “He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he causes me to stand on the heights.”

Contractor’s Devotion: In the world of construction and maintenance, there is a unique and daring profession known as steeplejacking. These individuals, often called steeplejacks, are tasked with climbing to great heights to repair, maintain, or construct steeples, towers, and high structures. This occupation demands not only physical courage but also a complete trust in the tools and training that keep them secure at such lofty altitudes. Inspired Heights is a steeplejack company that specializes in church and steeple repairs. Just as the name suggests, they have found inspiration in the heights and challenges of their profession. But as Christians, we can also find inspiration in their work and draw meaningful parallels to our spiritual journey.

  1. Trusting in the Foundation: Much like how a steeplejack must trust their equipment and training, as Christians, we must trust in our foundation, which is our faith in Jesus Christ. Our trust in Him allows us to climb the heights of life’s challenges with confidence, knowing that we are anchored in a firm foundation.
  2. Climbing Toward God’s Calling: Just as steeplejacks ascend to great heights to fulfill their mission, we are called by God to ascend spiritually, continually growing and striving to fulfill His purposes for our lives. This requires a willingness to leave behind the comfort of the ground and embrace the challenges that come with walking in His footsteps.
  3. Safety in God’s Hands: Safety is a top priority for steeplejacks, and they take every precaution to protect themselves. As Christians, we find our safety line anchored in the loving hands of God. He is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble (Psalm 46:1). When we trust Him, we can navigate life’s heights with confidence, knowing that He is with us.
  4. The Reward of Reaching New Heights: When steeplejacks complete their tasks at great heights, they enjoy a sense of accomplishment in overcoming great challenges and the satisfaction of a job well done. Similarly, when we overcome spiritual challenges and obstacles in our lives, we experience the joy of growth and the fulfillment of God’s plan for us.
  5. Supporting Each Other: As steeplejacks we often work in teams, relying on each other for support and safety. As members of the body of Christ, we too are part of a spiritual community. We are called to support and encourage one another as we journey together toward the heights of faith.

So, as we reflect on the daring profession of steeplejacks and the company Inspired Heights, let us also remember to be inspired in our faith. May we trust in our foundation in Christ, climb toward God’s calling with courage, find safety in His hands, and support one another as we reach new heights in our spiritual journey. In doing so, we can stand firm on the heights, just as the Psalmist proclaimed, “He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he causes me to stand on the heights” (Psalm 18:33, NIV).

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