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Project Description

Client: St Eustace Episcopal Church Location: Lake Placid, NY

For this steeple roofing project our steeplejacks removed the old wood shakes and installed new deck and synthetic woof shakes

For this steeple roofing project our steeplejacks removed the old wood shakes and installed new deck and synthetic woof shakes

Inspired Heights: Elevating St. Eustace Episcopal Church with Expert Steeple Roofing Services

When it comes to preserving the grandeur of a church, the steeple stands as a pinnacle of architectural beauty and historical significance. At St. Eustace Episcopal Church, a recent steeple roofing project brought new life to this iconic structure located in beautiful Lake Placid, New York, thanks to the expertise of Inspired Heights, a trusted church roofing contractor.

Challenges at the Pinnacle: St. Eustace Episcopal Church’s steeple was in need of a roofing revival, and Inspired Heights rose to the occasion. The project presented unique challenges due to its towering height, intricate design and the slope the church is built upon. Therefore, they required the specialized skills of steeplejacks who are accustomed to working at such heights.

From Old to New: The first step in this steeple roofing project involved the removal of the old, weather-worn wood shingles, paving the way for a fresh start. The shingles were carefully collected to be properly disposed. Inspired Heights then embarked on the installation of a new deck and underlayment. Thereby, reinforcing the steeple’s structural integrity to endure for generations to come and providing this steeple roofing contractor with a sound foundation to place the new steeple roof upon.

Synthetic Beauty by DaVinci: For the roofing material, Inspired Heights chose synthetic wood shake shingles manufactured by DaVinci Roofscapes, renowned for their durability and aesthetic appeal. These synthetic shingles offer the timeless charm of wood with modern-day reliability, ensuring the steeple remains an architectural marvel for years to come. We used copper for the flashing and ring shank nails for the best hold.

Precision in Every Detail: Executing a steeple roofing project of this magnitude requires not only skill but also unwavering attention to detail. Inspired Heights, experienced steeple roofers, utilized a combination of hand tools and nail guns to ensure that each shingle was expertly secured, providing not only protection from the elements but also an exquisite finish that accentuated the steeple’s design.

At the completion of the St. Eustace Episcopal Church steeple roofing project, the congregation and community marveled at the transformation. The steeple, once weathered and worn, now stood proudly as a symbol of both faith and architectural brilliance.

Inspired Heights, with their steeplejack techniques and dedication to excellence, had not only safeguarded a cherished landmark but also elevated it to new heights of splendor.

As a church roofing contractor our steeplejacks and church steeple roofers work in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. For this project we had our team go to Lake Placid, NY in the beautiful upstate New York area

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