Steeplejack Services

steeplejack services

Steeplejack Services

Tony Stratton is a third generation steeplejack and president of Inspired Heights, Inc – a steeplejack company that specializes in the high work associated with churches and church steeples.

As a steeplejack contractor we can offer affordable, less intrusive, solutions for your church and steeple restoration projects.

Steeplejack Contractor – Steeple Specialists

The comprehensive steeplejack services Inspired Heights perform on church steeples include steeple painting and steeple restoration. However, in addition to steeples, our steeplejack services can be used for affordable solutions to the high work often associated with interior and exterior church restoration. These techniques can be used on high sanctuary / nave walls and ceilings, difficult church windows, gables, columns and soffits.

Steeplejack Contractor, church steeple repair and steeple restoration

Church steeples are a focal point of many churches, a witness to the neighborhood and an architectural design intended to lift one’s eye’s upwards, as towards heaven. Nonetheless, steeples are often neglected due to its precarious location and therefore these engineered treasures fall into disarray and do not receive the steeple repairs they require.

Church steeples, spires, towers and finials have dotted the skyline for centuries and yet steeple repairs still perplex countless churches and confounds many contractors, perhaps now more than ever. The basis of this turmoil is the inaccessibility of the steeple coupled with a dwindling number of artisans who can perform the unique work of church steeple repair and restoration.

What is a Steeplejack?

The compound word steeple-jack is comprised of the two words steeple and jack. Steeple clearly defining the location and jack, often meaning a man, laborer or a sailor. Though the first known use of the word steeplejack dates back to 1852 the techniques are centuries old. It is believed that the sailors of the tall sailing ships are the original steeplejacks. They would come to port and during their time ashore they would use their rigging skills to climb and repair church steeples.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a steeplejack as “a person whose work is building smokestacks, towers, or steeples or climbing up the outside of such structures to paint and make repairs.”

While over the centuries many of the tools and safety apparatuses of the steeplejack may have changed, the basic technique still remains the same. A bosun’s chair suspended from a block and tackle pulley system allows the steeplejack complete access to the church steeple. Sometimes the steeplejack would strap ladders or install a temporary “crow’s nest” to act as a work platform.

However, the steeplejack needs to be more than a master rigger. To provide the numerous steeplejack services labeled as steeple repairs the steeplejack has to be a steeple roofer, experienced in several types of steeple roofs (repair and installation). The steeplejack would need to be a steeple painter, proficient in various paints and coatings used in steeple painting. They must be familiar with the various steeple repair techniques needed for steeple restoration, proficient in carpentry, tuck pointing, and sheet metal work to facilitate the steeple restoration needs of the many styles of church steeples.

For centuries the work of church steeple repair, painting and roofing was performed by steeplejacks; a master rigger who’s unique training gave them complete access to even the tallest of steeples. There are only a few genuine steeplejacks today but the steeplejack’s methods are still used under carefully adhered to OSHA regulations and can often save the church hundreds of thousands of dollars on their church and steeple restoration project. Yet, this is not the only benefit the steeplejack has over the high work alternatives (expensive cranes and scaffolds). The steeplejack is able to offer an up close approach that other tradesmen could never duplicate, permitting the steeplejack to provide superior steeple repairs at a fraction of the price!

Many professing “steeplejack contractors” attempting modern approaches to church steeple repair would use scaffolding and cranes. These techniques are typically more intrusive and much more costly than the methods of the traditional steeplejack contractor. In addition the true steeplejack can offer a “hands on” approach to church steeple repair that the common contractor could never touch.

Steeplejack Services

Inspired Heights is a steeplejack contractor specialized in steeple repairs. Our steeplejack services are designed for steeple repairs and are offered around the country. Tony Stratton, the company’s president, is a third generation steeplejack who is an experienced steeple painter, knows steeple repair and steeple restoration. In addition, as a steeple worker, the steeplejack services offered by Inspired Heights can provide complete affordable solutions to your church’s interior and exterior church repair and restoration.​

As a steeplejack company inspired Heights are master riggers and high work specialists

As a steeplejack company we are church steeple specialists but the steeplejack services we provide allow us more than just access to your church steeple. As master riggers of a steeplejack company we are able to offer affordable solutions to the most precarious projects on or in your church.


Imagine having your sanctuary renovated without having to move out for a few months or interrupting the weekend service. Or perhaps having your windows painted and maintained without having to set up costly scaffolding. Then imagine a steeplejack company that can work on your church steeple, hundreds of feet in the air, without the expense of a crane.

Can you imagine such a company? Have you been looking for one?

Search no more… you have found Inspired Heights.

Providing steeplejack services to churches for over 20 years.

Inspired Heights, church and church steeple specialists.

Inspired Heights, your church’s steeplejack company!

Inspired Heights, restoring churches for the glory of God!

Nationwide steeplejack services

Are you seeking top-notch steeplejack services for your church property? Look no further than Inspired Heights! With our comprehensive expertise and a nationwide reach, we proudly offer unparalleled steeplejack services in all 50 states. From routine maintenance to complex repairs and installations, our skilled professionals are equipped to handle any challenge with precision and efficiency.

At Inspired Heights, we understand the significance of maintaining the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of your church’s highest points. Whether it’s a church steeple, tower, high ceilings or a soaring roof, our seasoned steeplejacks are committed to delivering superior craftsmanship, adhering to strict safety standards while ensuring minimal disruption to your daily operations.

With a proven track record of successful projects across the country, our dedicated team prioritizes client satisfaction and safety above all else. Trust Inspired Heights to elevate your expectations and safeguard the structural integrity of your church with our unrivaled steeplejack services, available in every corner of the United States.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can elevate your church’s potential and safeguard its highest points with our unparalleled steeplejack expertise. Let Inspired Heights be your trusted partner in reaching new heights of structural excellence and safety nationwide!